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Leader of thermofusion and plastic plate bending machines.

It is an engineering company that, since its foundation, has become a globally recognized and highly sought-after supplier in the field of thermoplastic welding and bending technology.
Thanks to the consistent and continuous development of different product lines, they offer leading articles of great technical and qualitative value for different industry branches and applications.
INGENIA's product range guarantees high quality and precision processing of your materials in the field of welding, stamping, bending, r edge sealing, for example. The machines can process thermoplastics quickly and reliably without losing an iota of quality throughout the series.
In this way, we contribute to promoting the competitiveness of our customers and business partners.



Welding Machines

Machines can quickly and reliably process thermoplastics without losing an iota/apex of quality throughout the series

Bending Machines

Designed for daily use under harsh conditions in workshops or series production for 24 hours.

Contact Heaters

Heating plates are used for non-contact heating of amorphous and semi-crystalline plastic panels.

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